Hi and thanks for making it this far!

Please make sure you have a ready through the What can I offer you page to read about why I consider the investment and bride or groom makes into their wedding photography key to my approach and success within my chosen profession, this is a quick about me page so you have an idea of whether we will have a rapport or not.

Originally from Oxfordshire but now very much a Devonian country lover on the wilds of Exmoor national Park, I’m very much a down to earth relaxed person who loves nothing more than spending my weekends capturing weddings as they unfold. When away from weddings, I shoot a whole range of styles and spend as much time as possible with my two amazing daughters, Border Collie and wife.

I have a scientific background and started my post university life working in a vaccine research lab, continuing my attempts to prolong my university social life and play rugby. I have since retired from active rugby but continue to enjoy watching and drinking a good pint of Guinness or two!

My photography history isn’t as so many photographers have where I was given a camera aged 4 and never looked back. My interest started off of the back of my love for the great outdoors when I was walking in the Lake District and thought the amazing views would be worth taking a photo of, several thousand awful photos later and an industry change with the advent of digital and here I was thinking about making a career from photography.

A friend asked me to shoot their wedding early into the millennium and I walked away swearing never to go near a wedding again! But having found a mentor and my confidence I’ve never really looked back making the change to full time shortly after my first daughter was born.

Fast forward several hundred weddings all over the UK in every season and weather imaginable and you’ll find a balder, bearded photographer loving life who approaches every wedding in what has become my trademark relaxed, patient, fun loving style where I work to be as unobtrusive as possible and capture the emotions, details, and moments that will act as your vivid memory in years to come.

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